Western books and manuscripts

Our focus area is the development of the book from Late Antiquity through to the early Renaissance. These books and manuscripts are some of the highest manifestations of European culture, and provide an unequalled window into the development of Western thought. As an asset class they are, in our opinion, significantly undervalued. We are not booksellers, but offer independent collection-building expertise, consulting and valuations for estate, probate and philanthropic purposes.

Rare Books & Manuscripts

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Asian books and manuscripts 

Chinese book culture substantially predates that of Western Europe, and is arguably even more important. Surprisingly though, rare and early Chinese books are largely unknown and under-appreciated outside a few institutions in the West. Very few booksellers have any expertise at all in this field. We offer independent expertise and consulting on Chinese books and manuscripts, and also in the related areas of Korean and Japanese books. A particular focus is Buddhist literature from earliest times from all three of these countries.